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Influence of anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction on quality of life, level of confidence and return to sports: a follow-up of 15 years

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Background information: the knee joint is one of the most affected and injured joints in the body,
with the Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) injury being the most common (about 79%). However,
when this injury involves athletes, not only does it cause physical damage, but physiological
and, particularly, psychological as well, as it has a high recurrence rate or provokes a contralateral
injury after returning to sports. This damage sometimes steers the athlete away from sports altogether,
or performance decreases. Hence, these limitations or impairments directly affect the
athletesʹ quality of life. Case report: in this study, monitoring or a follow up of a female handball
athlete who had to undergo three reconstructions of the ACL was carried for 15 years in order
to evaluate the physical, functional and psychological impairment that these surgeries caused
over the years. Conclusion: it can be verified that the patient completely steered away from sports
activities after the surgeries and developed a severe arthrosis process as a consequence of serious
muscular deficit.

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Anterior cruciate ligament, athletes, handball, quality of life, return to sports.


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Cecilia de Oliveira Vieira, Jonathan William Fortes da Costa, Ana Paula Ramos, Rodrigo Okubo